A Secret Weapon For A State of Sight - Conjunctivitis

Chine (n.) A chink or cleft; a narrow and deep ravine; as, Shanklin Chine while in the Isle of Wight, a quarter of a mile very long and 230 feet deep.

Chlorophyll (n.) Actually, leaf environmentally friendly; a inexperienced granular make a difference formed during the cells with the leaves (and various components subjected to mild) of crops, to which they owe their environmentally friendly coloration, and by which all everyday assimilation of plant foodstuff will take put. Similar chlorophyll granules happen to be located in the tissues of the lessen animals.

Charm (n.) Anything worn for its intended efficacy on the wearer in averting unwell or securing good fortune.

Chocolate (n.) A paste or cake made up of the roasted seeds in the Theobroma Cacao floor and combined with other components, generally sugar, and cinnamon or vanilla.

Charactery (n.) The art or usually means of characterizing; a process of symptoms or figures; symbolism; distinctive mark.

Chappion (n.) One particular who by defeating all rivals, has attained an acknowledged supremacy in any department of athetics or recreation of ability, and is able to take care of any rival; as, the winner of England.

Checkrein (n.) A department rein connecting the driving rein of 1 horse of the span or pair With all the little bit of one other horse.

Carucate (n.) A plowland; just as much land as one group can plow in the 12 months and on a daily basis; -- by some reported to be about 100 acres.

Clearance (n.) A certification that a ship or vessel continues to be cleared with the customhouse; permission to sail.

Clericalism (n.) An too much devotion into the pursuits of the sacerdotal get; undue influence in the clergy; sacerdotalism.

Chappion (n.) 1 who engages in almost any contest; esp. one who in historical situations contended in solitary beat in behalf of Yet another's honor or legal rights; or one who functions or speaks in behalf of an individual or possibly a result in; a defender; an advocate; a hero.

Catalepsis (n.) A sudden suspension of sensation and volition, the human body and limbs preserving the posture that may be provided them, while the motion of the center and lungs carries on.

Cadaster (n.) An Formal statement of the amount and value of actual estate for the goal of apportioning the taxes payable more helpful hints on this kind of house.

Opportunity (n.) A likelihood; a likelihood; a possibility; -- with reference to some doubtful end result; as, a chance to escape; a chance for life; the probabilities are all against him.

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